candy centerpiece  kids invitations

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10 silk and pearlized gum favors for $35.00

Elegant  'CANDY BLOOM' flip card favors $1.25 each 11" tall (as pictured)

1 dozen fruit flavored gums, clear packages, 3" top 2 sided cards & silver or gold loop easy assemble

 Elegant  'CANDY BLOOM' & PEN BLOOM Favors, Gifts & Centerpieces

filled with pearlized gum balls, white butter mints or u fill

 Elegant  'CANDY BLOOM' Centerpieces


10 Candy Bloom Cottage Chic Silk Floral Bouquet pearlized gums or mints in clear acrylic boxes 4.00 ea.          




   1 Centerpiece Classic Dots & Zebra with crystal clear box, grand tag, metallic loop or star bow  easy assembly 20.00 each     

20.00 complete you add the hershey kisses! any design any event - no imprint

as above with imprints $25.00

1.25 individual favors no imprint thank you or verse
 add $.50 cents per each with imprints


30.00 above centerpiece assembled

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invites:    EDIBLE lollipop invites    lolli bow invites    ribbon invites    $1.25 invites     prices spring 2014 line

candy centerpieces

centerpieces & vase:      Kisses Favorfils $23.00    Little Candy clear boxed centerpieces  $20.00 ea. party in a box $30 ea.     candy bloom $3.00+  candy pen bloom $3.00 ea.   prices spring 2014 line
other products:      custom lollipops   candy box tower favors $2.50+      elegant pearlized gum  $3.00    place cards    table cards    gum ball place cards    trident gum packs    swirl lollipops     prices spring 2014 line










prices spring 2014 line


 ribbon match centerpieces 35.00 ea.

  candy choice centerpiece favor $1.60+


 party in a box 39.00

elegant candy invites  


elegant candy invites

trident gum - how sweet it is

lolli bow  invites

floral candy centerpieces 40.00 ea.

$35.00 tulle beauty centerpiece

 party in a box 27" tall! 40.00

lolli bow  invites 

elegant candy invites & candy

elegant candy invites 




tulle flowers 20.00 each inclusive

 $1.25 each favor - u add your candy

$35.00 Tulle Beauty Centerpiece


bow invites 


elegant  EDIBLE lollipop invites
place cards

lolli bow  invites



$3000 grand centerpiece in boxes

candy box  $29.00+ centerpiece 23" tall

place card & candy

elegant  EDIBLE lollipop invites

 elegant candy invites-custom

lolli bow  invites -reply cards

place cards 



     candy invitation                 




custom candy


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