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Elegant  'CANDY BLOOM MUM' favors $3.00 each 12" tall

 Elegant  'CANDY BLOOM MINI'S' purse pocket size favor $1.25 each 6 1/2" tall

lovely in a vase with top card

 Elegant  'CANDY BLOOM' & PEN BLOOM Favors, Gifts & Centerpieces

filled with pearlized gum balls, white butter mints or u fill

 Elegant  'CANDY BLOOM' Centerpieces

  fall party ideas!


10 Candy Bloom Cottage Chic Silk Floral Bouquet pearlized gums or mints in clear acrylic boxes 4.00 ea.          


white butter mints



   1 Centerpiece Classic Dots & Zebra with crystal clear box, grand tag, metallic loop or star bow  easy assembly 20.00 each     

20.00 complete you add the hershey kisses! any design any event

1.50 individual favors


25.00 above centerpiece assembled

see my etsy site - go to:  & type in my shop name: Janine Lea Swan

invites:    EDIBLE lollipop invites    lolli bow invites    ribbon invites    $1.25 invites     prices spring 2014 line

candy centerpieces

centerpieces & vase:      Kisses Favorfils $23.00    Little Candy clear boxed centerpieces  $20.00 ea. party in a box $30 ea.     candy bloom $3.00+  candy pen bloom $3.00 ea.   prices spring 2014 line
other products:      custom lollipops   candy box tower favors $2.50+      elegant pearlized gum  $3.00    place cards    table cards    gum ball place cards    trident gum packs    swirl lollipops     prices spring 2014 line










prices spring 2014 line


 ribbon match centerpieces 35.00 ea.

  candy choice centerpiece favor $1.60+


 party in a box 39.00

elegant candy invites  


elegant candy invites

trident gum - how sweet it is

lolli bow  invites

floral candy centerpieces 40.00 ea.

$35.00 tulle beauty centerpiece

 party in a box 27" tall! 40.00

lolli bow  invites 

elegant candy invites & candy

elegant candy invites 




tulle flowers 20.00 each inclusive

 $1.25 each favor - u add your candy

$35.00 Tulle Beauty Centerpiece


bow invites 


elegant  EDIBLE lollipop invites
place cards

lolli bow  invites



$3000 grand centerpiece in boxes

candy box  $29.00+ centerpiece 23" tall

place card & candy

elegant  EDIBLE lollipop invites

 elegant candy invites-custom

lolli bow  invites -reply cards

place cards 



     candy invitation                 




custom candy


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